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School. Marymount Univ
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Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy) High
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OMG... I must be dead...
by sirpaulmccartneyfan
I haven*t been on here since forever....
Hi Ravennah!
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Hey! I*m doing well at the moment, how are you?
Wow.... Been a while
by Ravennah
since I*ve been on here. How the heck are ya?

by randomjunk
Haha, I keep meaning to write a post...
You should all update to give me
by Zanzibar
something to read

by bauhaus
by AmbyrJayde
I thought you were all gone :o But then it all came back

by undisputed
Thank the heavens
by dannixfresh
Nutang is still around! I thought I lost you guys

Google doesn't care about Nutang People
Wednesday. 12.7.16 3:40 pm
2 posts in a month, let alone a year? Woah watch out everyone

Has anyone tried googling "Nutang" recently? This blog doesn't come up on any search engines or anything. Yahoo on the other Hand is cool with us

Go to Google and search for "Nutang" and try to find anything of relevance to Nutang.com. I'll wait

YOu know what? Nevermind I don't have that long to wait, because I literally couldn't find one thing of relevance to Nutang.com anywhere in those search results. Did Google and Nutang have a big falling out or something? I defintiely remember previously that Google searches at least acknowledged the existence of Nutang.

At least we exist as far as Yahoo goes. YAHOO for yahoo!

Google, we don't need you. Yall can go burn in the depths of helllll

Ok maybe not that serious. But now though it's defintiely official Yahoo
maybe that's a nice way to get people to request membership, that you won't have to worry about Google invading your privacy, only Yahoo

I do have a few invite codes left btw, maybe I should see about letting some prospective members have one?

Also, you hear music on my page? That's coming from the HNA Network at the bottom of my page. Once it gets to the 2nd page of my page, i'll probably install the network player at the top of my page. You should check it out though, it's a lot going on there, and they'll be more going on there too!

That's about it for now. Maybe i'll try for a Hat trick and do 3 posts for the month/year.... We Shall see though!
~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
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Wow, you're right, there's nothing in the Google search results about us, even if you go several pages in... It's kind of sad, but at the same time, kind of affords us more privacy...
» randomjunk on 2016-12-07 06:58:51



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